“Make Grace a Way of Life”

God has made grace available to everyone; however, believers must choose to make grace their way of life. Your heavenly Father is a not a god of ambiguity or vagueness or uncertainty. He has specific instructions and a very specific way for everything. In fact, God has a way for health, God has a way for healing, God has a way for finances, God has a way for marriage, God has a way for families and more. And, in God, life is good. When your life is in God and in His grace (Jesus), things go right; and, the few things that don’t seem to go right for you, God is behind the scenes, working everything out together for your good. If you want to live a good life, then you must choose a grace lifestyle. If you want to be delivered, set free, stress-free, and full of righteousness, peace and joy, then you want to choose the grace way and make grace your way of life.

Kingdom Recovery Ministries